PickleBall Talk on the Court: Gear Guide

It's all about the gear in Pickleball. The sport has evolved so quickly over the past few years, we at PickleBall Talk suggest finding and testing paddles and balls that work best for your physical playing conditions, personal size and playing style. So here's a quick "Gear Guide" to help you find the right equipment to get you started and on your way to optimizing your Pickleball game!


There are paddles flooding the market since the demand has gone up so quickly. Paddles range from couple of hundred dollars to $30 for a basic Paddle. We recommend doing more research to decide what paddle is best for you -- but here are three Pickleball Paddles that should get you started on the right track! Paddletek began as a small family business inspired by a love for the game and a vision for improving paddle technology. Head, a top producer of tennis equipment, has a long history of design and quality in all of the racquet sports, so they're a safe bet. Selkirk, not featured here, is making waves with a slick design and a focus on High-Performance Pickleball paddles.


Pickleballs are a little easier to understand since they are based on types of gameplay and location. If you're looking for indoor vs outdoor balls OR tournament vs recreational balls -- you'll need to know the types of Pickleballs below. There are a few producers for outdoor balls like Onix or Jugs which are the most popular and should last a long time depending on how hard you hit the ball. The '40' balls are either Franklin or DURA-FAST -- but their lifespan is shorter since they're for more advanced players. (aka Tournament or Competitive Pickleball Play) 40's are not cheap so make sure you have enough for a full day of playing. If you're new to the sport, best to start with Onix. If you're more advanced, start with DURA-FAST 40s or Franklins.

We hope this helps with some quick ideas on what paddles and balls you should test when you're first getting started. If YOU have any tips or recommendations on PICKLEBALL GEAR -- please comment below with your recommendations and experiences with various Pickleball equipment.

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