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Tune in on Spotify weekly as we discuss how to level up your Pickleball game

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Pickleball Talk (PBT) was created to connect Pickleball players across the world in hopes to make Pickleball an Olympic sport someday. Join the online PBT community to share what's on your mind when it comes to Pickleball. 

Tune into our talk show every few weeks as we discuss the latest and greatest trends in Pickleball. These include popular questions people often ask such as:

- What makes Pickleball so addictive?

- What are some strategies top level players are using?

- How do you know what level you are if you aren't ranked?

- What are some blindspots if you've played Tennis / Basketball / Volleyall prior to Pickleball?

And Even,

- Why are celebrities like Ellen suddenly switching over to Pickleball?



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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America. Join us in the journey to make this an official Olympic sport


About Your Host

Mo hails from Seattle, Washington - the original hometown state of Pickleball. He currently resides in sunny Los Angeles where outdoor Pickleball is accessible 24/7. Most of the show tapings are done in a studio in Hollywood. When not playing Pickleball, Mo can be found capturing sunsets on the beaches of Santa Monica or checking out the local taco joints.  


Recent Episodes

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Improving this one thing can drastically add points to your game.

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